Farm / Smallholding

FUW Insurance Services specialise in farm insurance as a subsidiary of the Farmers’ Union of Wales. So who better to help protect your farm against risks with an assured policy? We’ll tailor your insurance to meet your specific requirements, covering a number of areas in one simple policy.

Cover can be arranged for:

  • Farm buildings and contents
  • Machinery and engineering
  • Public, product and employers’ liability
  • Renewable energy
  • Livestock
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Sheep looking happy despite bad weather
Border Collie waiting on the back of a red ATV for its owner

Tractors / Quads

We understand that for those who work in agriculture, vehicles play a crucial part in maintaining your farm. That’s why it’s so important that they’re covered if something goes wrong. In order to keep your motors running, we can arrange cover for all of your farm vehicles in one policy, from tractors to seed drills, we’ve got you covered.

Cover can be arranged for:

  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Private vehicles
  • Young drivers
  • Attached and detached trailers
  • Vehicle fleets
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Whether you own a horse, run a stable or are a shared carer, we can arrange a suitable policy to keep both you and your horse safe. We’ll ensure you’re covered for liability if you ride your horse on public roads and include vet treatment and cover for your equipment.

Cover can be arranged for:

  • Vets fees
  • Equipment
  • Public liability
  • Rider insurance
  • Veteran horses
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Woman riding a horse down a country lane
Hunter stalking prey through wheat fields

Farm Diversification

Farmers are increasingly looking to diversify their land for other activities such as camping, game shoots, agricultural craft workshops and many others. It’s a great way to show people another side to agriculture and to encourage support for local farmers. We can ensure you’re correctly covered for these events.

Cover can be arranged for:

  • Public, product and employers’ liability
  • Tourism
  • Training/workshops
  • Children’s events/parties
  • Retail outlets
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