COVID-19 Company Policy

FUW Ltd & FUW Insurance Ltd


Coronavirus (Covid-19) Group Policy – Issued 18/06/2020


Policy brief & purpose

This company policy includes the variations and modifications to our existing company policies in a number of areas. You are kindly requested to follow all these rules diligently, to sustain a healthy and safe workplace in this unique environment. It’s important that we all respond responsibly and transparently to these health precautions. We assure you that we will always treat your private health and personal data with high confidentiality and sensitivity.


This coronavirus (COVID-19) company policy is susceptible to changes with the introduction of additional governmental guidelines. If so, it will be updated as required. .



This coronavirus policy applies to all of our employees who physically work in our offices and remotely. We ask you all to read through this action plan to ensure we collectively and uniformly respond to this challenge.


Policy elements

Here, we outline the required actions employees should take to protect themselves and their co-workers from a potential coronavirus infection.


While Welsh Government advice remains ‘work from home if you can’ our policy is to continue doing so. There will be no wholesale return to office based working until the advice changes. When we do return, this will be staged according to necessity and only when your office has been risk assessed to ensure that social distancing and hygiene measures are in place. This risk assessment, along with measures being taken to keep you and your colleagues safe, will be shared with you prior to your return.


Access to Offices during lock-down:


We are aware that most of our offices remain in use for limited purposes such as collection of post and premium payment cheques, scanning and printing.

  • If practicable, each office should maintain a rota to ensure that visits by every individual are kept to a minimum. You should remain in the premises for the shortest time possible to complete your business.
  • No more than one individual should be in an office at any one time.
  • You should avoid using toilet and food preparation areas. Do not drink tap water.
  • You should observe strict hygiene procedures while in the office, following government guidelines for handwashing and use of anti-bacterial products. Ideally, wash your hands on entering and leaving.
  • Door handles, locks and keys should be wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes on entering and leaving.
  • All equipment used such as computer keyboards, photocopiers, scanners and printers should be wiped down before use and on leaving.
  • Letters confirming the essential nature of and reasons for your visit are available from your line manager.


Sick leave arrangements:

  • If you have cold symptoms, such as cough/sneezing/fever, or feel poorly, request sick leave or work from home if you feel able to.
  • If you have a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, you can return to the office only after you’ve fully recovered, with a doctor’s note confirming your recovery.
  • If you have tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), the NHS Wales Test, Trace, Protect service will contact you by telephone.You’ll be asked where you’ve been recently and who you’ve been in close contact with to assist in contacting anyone who may have caught the virus from you.
  • Further information on the Test, Trace and Protect Service is available here


Work from home requests:

  • If you are feeling ill, but you are able to work, you can request to work from home.
  • If you travel abroad you must comply with Welsh NHS and Government direction and observe quarantine requirements. You will not be permitted to return to your office and will be asked to work from home for 14 calendar days, and return to the office only if you are fully asymptomatic. You will also be asked not to come into physical contact with any colleagues during this time.
  • If you’ve been in close contact with someone infected by COVID-19, with high chances of being infected yourself you will be contacted by Welsh NHS Test, Trace and Protect. You should inform your line manager and request work from home. You will also be asked not to come into physical contact with any colleagues during this time.
  • If you’re a parent and you have to stay at home with your children, request work from home. Follow up with your line manager to make arrangements and set expectations.
  • If you need to provide care to a family member infected by COVID-19, request work from home. You’ll only be permitted to return to the office 14 calendar days after your family member has fully recovered, provided that you’re asymptomatic or you have a doctor’s note confirming you don’t have the virus. You will also be asked not to come into physical contact with any colleagues during this time.


Traveling/commuting measures:


  • All work trips and events – both domestic and international – will be cancelled/postponed until further notice.
  • In-person meetings should be done virtually where possible, especially with non-company parties (e.g. candidate interviews and partners).
  • If you normally commute to the office by public transportation and do not have other alternatives, you can request to work from home as a precaution. If you do need to use public transport you must comply with social distancing and hygiene requirements and recommendations.
  • Travel abroad for other than essential purposes is now permitted under Welsh Government regulations (although limited to certain countries). If you are planning to travel voluntarily you should inform your line manager of your intention and you will be required to comply with quarantine requirements on your return. You will also be asked not to come into physical contact with any colleagues during this time.


General hygiene rules:


  • Wash your hands after using the toilet, before eating, and if you cough/sneeze into your hands (follow the 20 second hand washing rule). You can also use the sanitisers you’ll find around the office.
  • Cough/sneeze into your sleeve, preferably into your elbow. If you use a tissue, discard it properly and clean/sanitise your hands immediately.
  • Open the windows regularly to ensure open ventilation. Avoid the use of air conditioning equipment.
  • Avoid touching your face, particularly eyes, nose, and mouth with your hands to prevent from getting infected.
  • If you find yourself coughing/sneezing on a regular basis, avoid close physical contact with your colleagues and take extra precautionary measures (such as requesting sick leave).


Visitors to our premises:

  • Clients and Members are not permitted to visit any of our premises until further notice. However, from time to time it may be necessary for external contractors to visit for the purposes of essential repairs or maintenance.All proposed visitors are required to complete a Covid-19 Visitor Risk Assessment, which should be returned to us at least 24-48 hours before the visit. This will be retained by us for 21 days after which it will be destroyed.
  • Visits must be strictly by appointment only
  • Contractors should be issued with guidance by their employer, but you should also inform them that our office has not been specifically risk assessed for Covid-19.
  • You should remain outside the office while the work takes place.
  • PPE should be worn in accordance with current Government regulations
  • The contractor should be asked to wipe down any equipment he is working on, door handles and any other surfaces he comes into contact with both on entry and departure.


Visiting Clients and Members

  • Visits to client or member premises should not be undertaken without the permission of your line manager.
  • Visits should be logged along with contact details for the client to facilitate Test, Trace & Protect.
  • Do not arrange to visit more than one client in any one day
  • Utilise hand sanitiser and/or wash your hands regularly
  • Work from home and do not go into the Group’s premises after visiting a client
  • Only travel to customers’ premises where essential. If possible make contact with customers using technology (video calls/emails) or the telephone
  • Comply with the H&S regime and Covid 19 policies of any customer that you are required to visit
  • Maintain a 2m distance from customers visited wherever possible
  • Use your own pen