How to choose the right insurance provider to cover your farm


How to choose the right insurance provider to cover your farm

Protecting your farm business can be a complicated matter. You need to consider your buildings, vehicles, livestock, family home and more. It is also critical that you are protected against property damage or injury to a visitor or employee.

Did you know that keeping all your insurance policies together is a good idea? It can help protect you against claim discrepancies or disputes between insurance companies. It is worth keeping this in mind when choosing an insurance provider.

When speaking to your insurance provider, have a list of all the things that are essential to your business. These should include farm buildings, equipment, vehicles and livestock. Your insurance provider will be able to advise you of anything that is missing to ensure you have a comprehensive policy that covers you, your business and your family. Have your renewal dates and current policy covers ready too as these are useful when speaking to your provider.

FUW Insurance Services has the well-being of farmers at its heart. As part of the Farmers’ Union of Wales, we are best placed to understand the risks that you face in your daily lives and want to support you through any difficult times. We are dedicated to creating sustainable, thriving family farms in Wales, and want to ensure that your business is protected for any eventuality. We can ensure that you have the right policy covers and support that you need. Contact us today for a free quote on 0344 800 3110.